Episode 25

Published on:

4th May 2019

Love People, and Use Things

In episode 25 of Life Through a Dram, I talk about how we need to shift the focus from things to people. Marketers and advertisers have led us down a consumer-driven path of needing things to make us feel validated, but as I discuss in this week's show, that seeking of validation is misplaced.

Topics on the menu include:

  • How Canada supports the importance of family
  • How we've been forced into a life of consumerism
  • Why validation by social proof isn't validation at all
  • How we can change our mindsets and live more deliberately
  • Why our love of things versus people is taking us down a dangerous path

Settle back for a chat about what's truly important in life, and why it's not too late for is to change how we live ours.

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