Episode 21

Published on:

30th Mar 2019

Mortality and the Wasting of Happiness on Money

In episode 21 of my Life Through a Dram podcast, I sit down to talk about mortality, and whether we live happy or unhappy lives as we look back on our time here on Earth.

For example, will we look back on how we placed so much of our happiness on everything that makes us unhappy? Money, materialism, and more - it all essentially makes us unhappy. I look at why this is, and how we can move away from this mindset.

Topics on the menu include:

  • Learning from people who have terminal illness, and are looking back on their own lives
  • Why we seem to only be happy if others are unhappy
  • Why we allow others to determine what makes us happy or otherwise
  • How we can take the power back and determine our own happiness
  • How this all plays into the wider community and global community

Settle back for a reflection on where we are as humans, and where we still need to get to to achieve an environment where everyone has a place and happiness is a given, not something we're only allowed by the permission of others.

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