Episode 39

Published on:

9th Mar 2020

The Danger of Shaping Our Kids Like Us

As parents, we want what's best for our kids, no matter what that may relate to - school, fun, love, etc. We sign them up for new adventures, hoping they'll find enjoyment there.

But are we really signing them up for stuff that they want to do, or stuff that we want them to do, with the belief that we, the parents, aren't being selfish?

These questions came to me as a moment of realization a couple of years ago, when my son decided he no longer wanted to do martial arts, something I'd done as a younger man and was now pleased to see my son take an interest in.

Topics on today's show include

  • Why we need to remember kids are still just kids
  • Why we need to step back and ask the reasons we want them to do something
  • Why disappointment isn't the best approach
  • Why we need to let kids choose what makes them happy, as opposed to what we feel will

Settle back for a chat about lessons from kids, and adults realizing that selfishness and encouragement tread a very fine line sometimes.

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